Biography ::

Dr.Gajanand B. Rajput, the well known martial artist and philanthropist was born on November 28th 1978 in Sabarmati Area, in Ahmedabad City . He is a true Warrier By Cast ( Kshatriya ). He is son of the Shri Bhagwat Mulchand Rajput & Shreemati Jankidevi. He is the second child of the Rajput Family..

Gajanand Rajput is not only a incredibly accomplished martial artist, but also a Great Indian Promoter of different disciplines. He holds Doctorate Degree in Philosophy of Asian Martial Arts. Black Belts in various martial disciplines. These Arts include; Wu-Shu (Chinese), Tae Kwon Do (Korean), Lan Shou Pai (Shaolin), Karate (Japanise), and Northern Shaolin (classical Chinese)

When he was a 12-year-old growing up in Ahmedabad, India, he started taking lessons at his areas best Martial Arts Master names Shree Lucky N. Chan Thakuri. His natural abilities were quickly recognized by his martial arts teachers (Ajay Shinde & Devanshu Patel)and they encouraged him to enter open School Board Martial Arts competition, By the time he had achieved his first Gold Medal. He was well on his way to becoming a martial arts champion. By 1995 Gajanand was one of the premier Taolu (forms) and Sanda competitors in the Country. Competing in divisions that were not segregated by Open categories, he literally captured every title in both Amateurs and Professional Martial Arts competition. Since 1999-2007 he is the undefeated National Martial Arts Promoter in Ttaditional KungFu, Contemporary wushu, Internal Arts and Fighting competition. Establishing a legacy of wins and accumulating hundreds of trophies for his martial arts prowess; a feat that is unparalleled even to this day!

With a view to promote and support Chinese martial arts higher education in India Gajanand Rajput has established The Chinese Wu-Shu Kung-Fu Federation of India in 1999 and organised many District, State, National Level Championships, Seminar, Festivals, Diploma, Workshops.

In 2006,Gajanand Rajput from India received the honour of being invited for Two Years to China, more precisely at the Shaolin Monastery. He consequently perfected himself with Monks Shi Xing Wang, and of course, Master Shi Yan Lu. During a Buddhist ceremony at the Monastary, Gajanand Rajput received his official Shaolin Monk name of Shi Heng Chang... He is the only and first Indian who received this honour to be a 35th Generation Shaolin Temple Warior Secular Disciple.

Gajanand Rajput has been featured in over 100 stories and articles in national and international publications. Some of these magazines include Martial Arts World (Baroda),World Sports Star ( Punjab ), International Wushu KungFu Times (Pakistan), Combat Warrior E-Magazine (United States), Martial Arts Illustrated (United Kingdom), Martial Arts Jagat, Sports India etc...